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Sound as matter, sculpted by the videographer’s hand. A scene from an old classic: The femme fatale’s hand touches a dangerous box. Stop the scene and she’s touching a different object – the elusive and ungraspable object of sound. Her gestures seem to mirror my own videographic practice: my fingers on the keyboard transform the … TOUCHING SOUND weiterlesen

Endless Regression

Jerry Lewis‘ philosophy of video: Lewis‘ comedy of playback is also a meditation on the technology he relied on in the production of his films. Looping a scene from Lewis‘ film „The Patsy“ (1966) shows how the loops of the electronic video signal are included in the very illusion they helped to fabricate. The mise-en-abyme … Endless Regression weiterlesen

Turning the Screw

A man is getting cornered. The past is closing in, thightening its grip… A detail in Jacques Tourneur’s „Out of the Past“ (USA 1947) becomes visible as metaphor. For the film’s story… …and it’s mise-en-scène.


Watching John Ford …with Jean Epstein. Approaching the materiality of film …through the faces of its stars.